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Technical recruiters and organizations around the United States have chosen our products to improve tech hiring.

Today, we’re proud that our resources are setting standards for the industry worldwide. And we’re excited to find out how we can help you.

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“We see recruiters as so much more than req fillers and hiring managers as so much more than interviewers.  If you’re looking to raise the bar on who you hire and how you hire, with recruiters playing a talent advisor role, we’re here to help.”

– Valentina Cestari, Founder, RecruHack

I am a Senior Technical Recruiter who transformed her career in just months, by applying the right strategies.

After +8 years of experience in the field, I decided to share this content with other technical recruiters and help them win.

That’s why I created RecruHack, an educational library with resources for tech recruiters that want to boost their careers.

Valentina Cestari
Senior Technical Recruiter and Founder @RecruHack

-Bachelor’s Degree in Labour Relations.
-Postgraduate Degree in 4.0 Recruitment
-Former Amazon Tech Recruiter

Our Top Experts

We have several experts and collaborators that create these resources, based on their own experiences and practices in the industry.

Tech recruiting experts, senior talent acquisition specialists, recruiting managers and speakers. They are all here to create quality content designed for you.

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We offer high-quality, practical, and real-world content, interview guides, and templates.

We’re a group of recruiting trainers and consultants – all former corporate talent leaders.

Heads of Talent Acquisition and HR trust us to deliver tailored and practical recruiting resources.

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